As David and I are starting to outline our world trip, we’re finding ourselves in lengthy (sometimes heated) discussions about what we want to do where and how to accomplish that. Turns out the simple statement of “we’re taking time off to travel” is becoming a major endeavor in what that specifically looks like. 

Where do we even begin? What’s our budget? How are we reconciling our different ideas of where we want to go when?  How long are we staying here (and not there) and why? It’s becoming easier as we think and talk, that we really do want to do the same things and are willing to compromise on the things that we don’t. 

What are we doing with our house? Our belongings? Our cars? Should/Could we just sell everything down to minimal things we’ll want when we get back like a bed and kitchen wares? Yes, although it may be easier said than done. We’ve been watching shows on Netflix about living a minimalist life and reading books about living a more clutter free, tidy life. David and I have been having a lot of conversations about how much of what we have is just junk. It’s stuff that we’ve accumulated over our lifetime and are well past the point of hanging on to so much that doesn’t have any sentimental value. Does that fit? When did I last wear that? Is it one of a kind? Does it still bring me joy? 

We’re planning on renting our house and using the apartment over the garage as our base camp to store our stuff while we’re gone, having a temporary place to land when we return while we figure out what’s happening next. We don’t know if we return to Steamboat or not when we return. The rental income will help cover house expenses/bills and then some. Moving up to the apartment and in preparation for our travels, we’re going to sell off a lot of our furniture. This again sounds easier said than it will be in practice as I expect there to be a lot of discussions around what we’re selling for how much.

We’re creating a timeline of what we need to do when to help us stay on track. It will help keep us on track and accountable to each other to leave relatively  on time. If we know what’s happening ahead of time, it will hopefully prevent and reduces surprises later on (and any heated frustrations). We went through several phases of strategizing and moving things in waves, and gave ourselves time between leaving our jobs and starting. Does this go to the apartment, garage sale, storage or donation? This time we’re dedicating to truly purge and finalizing our set up for leaving. We’re ready to start a simpler clean slate for when we return, giving us peace of mind, or at least a decluttered life.