Here is my personal list of Layover Survival tips!

1. Explore the Airport
Do some shopping. I was traveling in Munich, Germany in November, 2017 and there was a good size Christmas Market in between the terminals. The Minneapolis airport has some great shops within the terminals, past security that are worthy wondering through.

2. Catch up on Reading

Grab a book and catch up on some reading. Stretch it out and get your blood flowing. You’ll be spending time sitting in a confined space.

2. See the City
Depending on how long your layover is, trek into the city. See if there are lockers or storage spaces to leave your carryon. Take a train or cab into downtown or shopping areas. Check ahead of time what these public transit options are. Give yourself enough time to get back to the airport and through security to catch your flight. There could be layover city tours.

3. Freshen Up
To recharge, splash water on your face, run a comb through your hair and apply some fresh deodorant. Depending on how long your travels are, have a change of clothes.

4. Keep Your Kids Happy
Have games and shows on electronic devices. Have coloring books and travel size games. Explore and walk the airport. Like you, they get cooped up on planes and need to burn off that energy.

5. Head to the Chapel
Use for prayer and meditation, or just a little peace and quiet.

6. Visit the Lounge
With frequent flyer programs or buy ins, these are wonderful retreats from the noise, hustle and bustle of the terminals. They often provide food, beverage and showers.

7. Take a Nap/Sleep
Catch a few winks but keep an eye on your carry on. Some airports have little sleeping pods (such as Atlanta Minute Suites, London’s Yotel Cabins, Tokyo First Cabin)

8. People Watch
What are the stories of the people walking by? Where are they traveling to? Traveling from?

9. Let’s Eat!
Skip eating at chains and fast food joints, you can do that at home. Don’t drink away the hours. Do a food tour. Have a small plate or appetizer at more than one place.

10. Workout
Pack your yoga mat, find a corner somewhere and stretch it out. Some airports may even have a dedicated space for free or a few coins.

11. Pack a Real Game
Skip playing solitaire on your gadgets and pack a real game. Bananagrams, Scrabble and Yahtzee are small and compact.

12. Chat up a Stranger
I’ve met some interesting people sitting at the gate or restaurant bars. You don’t need to flirt with them or need to get their digits by the end, but good friendly chats about who they are and where they’re going. Be sure they’re approachable.

13. Media
Podcasts, audiobooks, games, and movies